Divi is an elegant and smart theme that you can use on your WordPress website. It provides you with total creative control. There is no better way to impress your site visitors than by using Divi. Divi enables you to tailor your layouts, based on your own tastes. This offers you limitless possibilities to develop a genuinely dynamic site. The Divi theme was designed to prioritize the user’s experience.

It is crucial to emphasize that Divi is possibly the most versatile theme of all time. It enables users to convert elements into visually striking building blocks, complimented by a user friendly platform. The structure is entirely straightforward, and it is not necessary to do any coding to make significant changes to it.

Nonetheless, at the beginning, you might not possess a clear vision of what type of layout you want to use for your site. Due to this, Divi has a range of eighteen predesigned layouts that you can adopt for your own purposes, within a few seconds. These starter layouts are completely customizable, and they ensure that your experience is enhanced. Normally, a starting point is necessary when designing a new site.

One great feature included with Divi is the modules. These are regarded as the theme components. The modules are utilized in numerous combinations to offer the site a fresh look. This results in a distinctive and picturesque layout. There are multiple modules to choose from, however these are a few of them: blurb, total width slider, contact form, pricing tables, subscribe, testimonials, etc. Every module offers you the opportunity to alter the look of each detail, using the customized CSS box included with all modules.

The layout caching is another good feature, enabling you to generate new layouts then store them for future use. These layouts can be accessed when you need them; should you wish to edit them or upload them to your site. The layouts are saved on the servers.

Your site will be viewable on any device, which is important in today’s online world. Everyone has a smartphone or tablet, and many people lack the time to use a PC to visit your site. Consequently, every site requires multiple versions of it, like mobile versions. This enables visitors to read the site and tell their friends about it. The modules are attractive, even when viewed on a small smartphone, so visitors will always have a great experience.

Divi has gone into partnership with Sucuri.net, to ensure that the theme is as secure as possible. You can rest assured that your site will be extremely difficult for hackers to access and, even they do, your details can be recovered within minutes. You can sleep easy, safe in the knowledge that your site will be secure, even if targeted by the most skilled hackers on the Internet. Divi has undergone numerous tests, and no security issues have been identified yet. Due to the rarity of this situation, Divi recently won the Sucuri Seal.

In addition, Divi already has thirty-two language translations built into it, such as Spanish, Arabic, Russian, German, Romanian, Bulgarian, Japanese and many more. Divi is a simple theme to use when generating distinctive layouts, however if English is not your native language, it might not be so easy to use. Each field and form is entirely translated to give users the best possible experience.